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Welcome to the GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division

2014.May. The History and Philosophy of Geology Division Newsletter
Volume 38, Number 1, PDF version   (for printing a hard copy)
      HTML version   (for on-line reading and active links)

Application for History and Philosophy of Geology Division STUDENT AWARD

Guidelines for the Preparation of ROCK STAR Profiles


Places to visit:

A list of resources for the philosophy of science,
compiled by Michele Aldrich

David Bressan’s History of Geology blog.

David Rumsey map collection

British Society for the History of Science (BSHS).


History of Science Society.

USGS library of photos.

USGS publications.

CSHPS: Call for Papers (Deadline: February 2nd, 2014) The Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science
annual conference at Brock University, May 24-26, 2014.