A Solution For Tired Eyes

Did you notice tired eyes when you looked in the mirror this morning? If you’ve arrived at this site, it’s clear that you are sick and tired of standing in front of a mirror looking like you went several rounds with a professional boxer. How many times have you asked yourself:

  • Why do I have tired looking eyes and dark circles?
  • Is there something I can do to get rid of this look?
  • Are there any treatments out there that actually work?

To be perfectly frank, a lot of products out there are expensive and they don’t work. They ineffectively disguise the problem, they don’t treat your tired eyes and actually eliminate the dark circles. Another concern is getting a product for tired eyes with ingredients that don’t have side effects like –

  1. stinging
  2. dryness
  3. localized dermatitis
  4. skin irritation
  5. Who would want these, or any side effects visible on your face?

The Bad News About Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes, under eye bags and dark circles tell everyone looking at you that there may be something wrong with you, that you may not be well, that you are not as attractive as you would like to be, or that you likely look much older than you really are.

Let’s face it, we really hate to walk around looking less than energetic and hardly healthy and it is for this reason, we spend a lot of time trying to cover up the look of tired eyes, or at least trying to.

Have people ever asked you the same questions…aren’t you feeling well? Did something happen? Were you out on a bender last night?

Seriously, many may be polite enough to notice and not actually ask but you can imagine that’s what they’re thinking? Those that do ask may be genuinely concerned while others may find it amusing…you, on the other hand, probably find it embarrassing or awkward.

I can personally attest to this because I am fair skinned with a very light complexion and spend little time out in the sun. Dark circles under my tired eyes are very noticeable. My first instinct, was to use an under eye concealer but the results are temporary and short lived.

It only lasts as long as you don’t touch your face, rub your eyes, perspire, or generate any tears. Also, if you’re blessed (or cursed) with fine lines around your eyes, which we all get as we age, the concealer only accentuates the tired eye appearance.

I knew there had to be a way, doing the right research, that I could find a solution to permanently rid myself of dark circles.

Why Do We Get That Tired Eyes Look and Dark Circles?

Dark circles can be caused by many conditions that should be treated or else the look of tired eyes will only get worse over time. According to the Mayo Clinic, dark circles are not a sign of exhaustion or serious illness. Some of the culprits for this look can be caused by:

  1. skin pigment irregularities
  2. allergies
  3. heredity
  4. sun exposure
  5. thinning skin
  6. eczema

Prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons will tell you that whatever the underlying cause, capillaries leak blood close the skin’s surface. When this blood begins to oxidize, it turns a bluish red color, similar to a bruise you’ve experience elsewhere on your skin.

These tiny capillaries can also become engorged giving the same coloring and appearance so close to the skin’s surface.

Since the skin under our eyes is very thin, this leads to our appearance of puffiness, shadowing, embarrassing bags, and dark circles. The more transparent your skin the more your dark circles are visible.

Why the Eye Serum Option Works For Me?

In my quest to resolve my own under eye issues, and having been previously unsuccessful with a number of creams and home remedies, I opted to try the serum approach. This is a little more expensive than some of my home remedies but read on…

Why a serum? Because research has shown it’s absorbent properties to be better than that of a cream. Serums can give you added moisture AND nutrients.

The main reason you’d want to use an eye serum is to get these added nutrients into deeper layers of your skin that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach.

A moisturizer has larger molecules than a serum. This means that a moisturizer will not penetrate your skin as far as a serum will. Simply put, serums deposit nutrients, creams are meant to deposit moisture and hydration your skin.

The good news is that serums as an under eye treatment are available at any beauty retailer, big box store or online. Start with the actual user comments to see which serum might be the one for you.

So Aside From The Physical Benefits

There’s clearly an upside to eliminating an unhealthy look and it goes beyond minimizing dark circles, hydrating your skin and preventing fine lines. It’s what this does for your head…

  • Obviously, you look healthier
  • Your self-esteem is lifted because you no longer worry about this part of your appearance
  • When you look better you feel better
  • That spark in your eyes that went unnoticed with the presence of dark circles is back
  • Your appearance is fresh, rested and younger
  • You never again have to address a comment about diminishing looks
  • Once again, you like what you see in the mirror
Walter Escobedo is an entrepreneur, former medical volunteer and a writer. He is passionate towards health, fitness, and diet. He is also a recipient of numerous awards in the field of medicine for his contributions and efforts on corporate social responsibility