Top 10 Skin Care Tips

Healthy skin is beautiful. We all want it but not all people know what to do to get it. You don’t have to spend a fortune or even a lot of time to have great looking skin.

By developing a few simple habits you can be on your way to beautiful healthy skin. Here are the top ten skin care tips you can follow to get healthy skin and keep it that way.

1) Know your skin.

Everyone has different skin, thus the reason there are so many skin care products on the market today. Knowing your skin type will help you select the right products from the start and save you a lot of time and money.

If you are unsure of your skin type seek out a cosmetologist at your local department store. Their consultation is usually free and they can guide you to products that are right for your skin.

2) Drink lots of water.

The adult body is made up of 45%-75% water, depending on the fat content. Keeping hydrated prevents your body from stealing moisture from your skin to sustain vital internal organs. Dry skin can be one sign of prolonged mild dehydration.

3) Cleanse your skin regularly.

Every day your skin is exposed to dust, dirt, environmental pollutants and other harsh substances that can block your pores and dull its appearance.

Cleansing twice daily will help keep your skin free of these harmful elements that can wear and tear at your skin. Use the right cleanser for your skin type along with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

4) Be Gentle.

After all it’s your skin. Excessive pressure from scrubbing or rubbing your skin will tear and stretch the delicate tissues. Cleansers, lotions and exfoliates should be applied with gentle, upward strokes and pat to dry or when applying toners or makeup.

5) Moisturize your skin.

Moisturizers work by sealing in the moisture that is already in your skin and some even draw moisture out of the air to keep skin moist.

But today’s moisturizers do more than keep your skin hydrated. Most modern facial skin care products are designed to protect your skin from harmful environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Moisturizers work best when applied while the skin is still damp.

6) Avoid soap.

The chemicals in soap can dry and damage your skin. Never use soap on your face or neck and if you have normal or dry skin use it sparingly on your body only when needed.

Soap-free cleansing products are widely available both in liquid and bar form and do not damage and dry your skin like soap.

7) Use sunscreen.

While studies have proven that UV radiation damage is accumulated over your lifetime, it is never too late to start using sunscreen every day.

UV radiation is a leading cause of skin cancers like melanoma and premature aging. To simplify your skin care routine, look for moisturizers that contain at least SPF 25 PABA-free sunscreen.

8] Keep skin healthy.

Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of sleep is not only good for your health it’s good for younger, fresher looking skin.

Try adding some Omega-3 rich foods to your diet like salmon and walnuts. These healthy fatty acids are not only great for heart health but also can make your skin more supple and hydrated after a few weeks.

9) Don’t procrastinate.

Treat skin care problems immediately. If left on their own they will only get worse over time. If you cannot resolve the issue on you own it may be time to consult your dermatologist.

They can make recommendations and prescribe medications that will not be available to you over-the-counter.

10) Don’t stress.

We all know the harmful effects that stress has on our heart but stress can also make you look older. Everyone has his or her own way of beating stress.

Whatever your method, be it exercise, sports, reading, movies or yoga, spending that time could help you stay younger looking longer.

Walter Escobedo is an entrepreneur, former medical volunteer and a writer. He is passionate towards health, fitness, and diet. He is also a recipient of numerous awards in the field of medicine for his contributions and efforts on corporate social responsibility